Costa Mesa Girls' Basketball


Support Our Program!

We are hosting a fundraiser on Chipotle on Harbor!

We get 30% of the sales of anyone who says they are there for the Costa Mesa Girls Basketball Fundraiser on December 4, 4-8 p.m.! Come out and support our teams!

Coach's Corner

We practice to get better. The more you can work on skills at home, the better you will become. We practice not to become perfect, but to be able to perform skills to the best of our ability, and make them repeatable. Check out the basketball fundamentals tab on this page for some ideas on what to practice at home.

Season begins in January. Now is the most important time to be sure to attend ALL practices and games. We are a team, and we need everyone to participate.

It also gets dark earlier. Please work together to share carpooling rides between parents, or coordinate to walk or come to practice in groups. Safety first!